IPTV providers are facing a continually changing demand from their customers. Set-top boxes have evolved from simple channel zappers to complete mini computers offering extra services such as: Video on Demand, Recording, Web Browsing, Apps and more.

User Experience

In order to fulfill these demands we combine the best that the Android OS has to offer with true OTT/IPTV functionality where the media play-out is centric. Our solutions feel and act like a Linux Set-top box, which is achieved by suppressing the Android OS desktop, and offer all services and functionality from an HTML5 based Middleware solution. The user experience can be enhanced by adding a carefully selected range of Apps such as: YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Netflix, Skype and more.

Together with our Middleware partners such as IPTV Middleware we offer the best and most fully featured user experience on the market today.

Our products can be accessorized with an Air-Mouse, Keyboard and Webcam to create an even better mini computer experience.