Everyone likes streaming, especially with the device that provides a simplest way to stream entertainment to your TV. Users always come across the term- TelergyHD when talking about the top quality OTT/IPTV Android and Linux based Set-top boxes. It is a best choice to go with, in order to stream HDR content on compatible HDR set-top-boxesOTT/IPTV Middleware is all you need.

What is it in TelergyHD for OTT/IPTV?

  1. TelergyHD is an amazing company that produces set-top boxes for a smart TV with an intuitive interface that has the ability to stream content over the internet.Isn’t it interesting?
    Yes, it is! TelergyHDis a platform that connects all IPTV services with its various set-top boxes for the graphical user interface.
  2. It provides integrated solutions for OTT providers and Internet protocol television (IPTV) operators. Without any need for larger infrastructures, the OTT solutions make use of the “Over the top” content through internet.
  3. It provides a complete end-to-end IPTV solution that offers any service provider to avail the IPTV services instantly.
  4. It delivers the incredible choice to users by offering its set-top boxes to stream HD content seamlessly over the internet
  5. It provides an easy way to deploy the unparalleled digital TV user experience.
  6. OTT/IPTV Middleware has a much lower cost than traditional IPTV solutions.
  7. It provides a specific bandwidth requirement to access its HDR content.

OTT/IPTV middleware solution lets users manage their content or to create, it gives supports to manage the products and to run ad campaigns.

OTT Middleware Solution fits into the total end-2-end ecosystem and into to the total package as Transcoding, Protection, Content Delivery and User Interface fit.

OTT/IPTV Mware solutions comes in two different purposes:

  1. OTT/IPTV Middleware for Operators:
    Multi Service Operators have a larger customer base on another, it gives users the freedom to design and deploy an unlimited number of user interfaces, it gives services as a multi device service or as a Set-top box service and both can be used for both OTT as well as IPTV.
    Major elements are listed below:

    1. MwareCloudTV Middleware Platform allows you to manage your content through its Content Management System such as Live TV, Radio, TV Guide, Movie packages,Movies, Series, Seasons, Episodes, Music’s, Albums, Songs, Apps for Private Marketplace, YouTube playlists, and Ad Management.
    2. With the MwareCloudTV Middleware Platform you can manage your Customers, Products and Web shops through its CRM Customer Subscriber System such as Customer Management, Ticket, Order Fulfillments, Devices, Stock Inventory, Ad placement etc.
    3. Mware IQ Analytics: It contains the detailed information about your Resellers, Dealers and Ad Campaigns. It has a central hub for user generated information. Such as Content: Channels, Movies, Series, Music, Apps, Ad Campaigns: Pre-roll, Banners, Tickers, Financial: Resellers, Dealers etc.
    4. UI Toolkit User Interface Designer: It provides a full set of tools to create your own unique user interfaces. Users can set font types, background, logo and even change colors to really finish off your user interface.
      Some instances are:
      Templates for unique designs, Wizards to style your user interface to meet your brand requirements, App Publisher let our team publish the apps to app-stores and Hostname Manager enables you to use your own CNAME subdomain.
    5. The CloudTV API Connector enables you to connect your already existing infrastructure backend system like billing providers.
      Some methods are given below:
      Customer CRUD which stands for Create, Update, Delete
      Subscription includes: Add, Renew and Cancel for Customers Information contains Products, Customers, and Regions
  2. OTT/IPTV Middleware for Enterprises:
    Itoffers a robust versatile Multi-Tenant OTT/IPTVsetup which means you can setup unlimited number of CMS’s and CRM services and combine with access to our complete collection of User Interface design template.
    Moreover, you can get connected to Module Development System that can be used in User Interface designs.The major elements are as same asMwareCloudTV for Operators contain.

What does OTT/IPTV User Interface & Apps deliver?

TelergyHD offers a full line of unique User Interface designs. Each User Interface is designed as per the needs and requirements of consumer. The OTT/IPTV Middleware Solution interacts with user’s devices and software and also with the elements of the IPTV cluster that are billing system, conditional access system and others.

What are the various instances of User interfaces?
Akua,Honua, Hiaka, Hina, Wakea and Apukohai are the best and powerful user interfaces that are very compatible and supported.

For instance: The OTT/IPTV app is a free and easy to use application for iOS and Android devices that turns your mobile device into a ultimate streaming control center for your IPTV streaming device.

Brief advantages of using OTT/IPTV Middleware:

  1. It’s a modern age of revolution where our experts can operate, manage and give you an amazing experience of broadcasting.
  2. OTT is focused towards cost saving, easy to manage model, robust, and empowerment to users. It has also been the best multiscreen, multi platform content convergence that provides a greater role for content owners/providers to have direct relationship with end consumers.
  3. OTT/IPTV is a service of high quality that gives help in Monitoring and control, along with interactive services.
  4. It supports Video on demand(VoD) and real time content delivery like broadcast TV.
  5. It supports end-to end solution for android and linux based set-top boxes.
  6. Custom branding, Custom housing and Custom ROM are the complete services of the TelergyHD that supports the OTT/IPTV Middleware./li>

OTT/IPTV Middleware is very advantageous as it provides complete support &Infrastructure optimization, full customer satisfaction with scalable IPTV solutions for Multiscreen, Multi-devices, with different screen sizes,Picture Resolutions, Price points and other several model support.

Please visit our OTT/IPTV support for any help for any product or related queries, contact us for 24/7 assistance. Our experts are always ready to update you with optimal solutions.