Use all the mouse functions up to 10 meters from the Set-top box.

Pin-point precise accuracy with this mouse.
Use all mouse functions up to 10 meters signal reach.
Surf quickly through you favorite websites in your website.
Use the very easy to use move hand-gestures.
Turn it into a controller, and play the greatest games.
Turn it into a remote control for your TV and video.


Make video calls to your family, friends and much more!

Use the webcam for home surveillance.
Stream live images from your home.
A versatile addition to your world of modern communication.
Fast display rate with max 60 fr/sec.
Automatic exposure adjustment and white balance.
Resolution:1280 x 720 with manual focus.


A keyboard extends the user experience by providing seamless access to the Web, TV, DVR´s and Apps.

Seamless acces to the Web, TV, DVR’s and Apps.
Browse the web, your cable, over-the-air TV for shows & movies.
Easy to input text when searching the web for content.
Very easy to connect to your device.
Chat online with the apps.
Slick and modern design.