HD Set-top Boxes by Telergy HD

The best user experience in Full HD

The challenge for IPTV and OTT providers in today┬┤s highly competitive STB market is clear: you need to provide the best possible user experience and a large palette of services at affordable prices. Truly a formidable challenge, but with the HD Set top box manufactured by Telergy HD, you can give your clients everything they desire and more.

At Telergy HD we understand what audiences the world over demand and what this means for you as a provider. That is why we have developed our HD set top box to comply with all your requirements. The High Definition set top box is fully compatible with HTML5 based middleware solutions that are found on the market today.

Outfitted with a very powerful Android based Dual Core, this HD Set top box delivers a superior TV experience. Improved Android OS media playback capabilities combined with intelligent error correction put this HD set top box for TV at the top of the market and give you the competitive edge.