Transcoding is one of the most desirable & digital to digital conversions of one encoding to another which has become the digital necessity nowadays!

Transcoders are supported by TelergyHD via its partner Mware Solutions. TelergyHD offers the endless possibilities to deliver content through its own OTT/IPTV Android and Linux based Set-top boxes of high quality.

Transcoding is usually done in cases where it is important to convert obsolete or incompatible data to be a better-supported format. For instance, If a target device doesn’t support the desired format or has limited storage capacity for mandating a reduce file size; in such case transcoders are used. It is one of the essential elements for over-the –top/Internet protocol television service that is used.

What is TelergyHD in Transcoding?

TelergyHD for OTT/IPTV service is a platform that has brought the cloud based streaming topic in today’s world via its partner Mware Solutions who has transcoders. Transcoding is a part of cloud encoding which is used to produce live events in order to broadcast with unstable outbound bandwidth.

Role of TelergyHD via Mware Solutions:

  1. TelergyHD follows the flexible and scalable high-density transcoder of Mware Solutions that supports SD and HD video in MPEG-2, MPEG-4 and HEVC formats. It supports linear and Adaptive Bitrate (ABR) format. It also supports transcode, transrate and downscale digital video for linear and ABR applications. It provides the amazing user experience with high-quality device of choice.
  2. TelergyHD makes it possible to adapt to any of business requirements that has full control over OTT or IPTV services.
  3. TelergyHD supports user interface collection and Apps that offer a seamless experience across various devices. Each user interface is completely featured to extend to the device capabilities.
  4. Transcoding has an impeccable effect as it allows the users to deliver adaptive streaming to multiple devices from a single origin stream.
  5. Cloud Transcoding eliminates bandwidth bottlenecks.
  6. TelergyHD’s cloud transcoding platform is powerful because of reducing operational cost and complexities.
  7. Seamless integration is present with CDN and that is one of the transcoding key features.
  8. TelergyHD IPTV for Cloud Transcoding can handle any source from DVB-T,S,C or IP
  9. Cloud Transcoding in TelergyHD IPTV supports Multi device, server-side archiving, CAS/ DRM and the CDN that your needs require.

What are the steps of cloud transcoding in transcoders?

  1. First step is Request:
    TelergyHD supports the APPLICATION PROGRAMMING INTERFACE (API) request which has sent for publishing a real time stream for live transcoding job.
  2. Second step is Transcoding:
    TelergyHD’s Cloud transcoding API supports & enables the content providers to deliver adaptive streaming from a single Real time origin streaming.
  3. Notification:
    In this phase, streams become available for playback; TelergyHD supports the sending process of HTTP notifications with published bitrates and formats.

What are the benefits of TRANSCODERS?

There are several distinctive benefits to transcoders that gives the ability to provide a customizable user experience. Another benefit is the IPTV content that is easily searched, and moreover it can also offer a custom user interface which displays content based on consumer preference.

Other benefits are listed below:

  1. Quality and editing:
    Transcoders carry the video quality features, Audio and Video manipulation, examples are: Flexible bit rate control: CBR, VBR, ABR and constant quality. Moreover, HD, Ultra High Definition (UHD) encoding.
  2. Support for files:
    Transcoders covers support for Input and output files.
    Examples are: Support nearly every format and codeac, a lot more for input and for Web playback, adaptive streaming, Transmuxing etc.
  3. Transcoders support Adaptive Streaming:
    Transcoding is a conversion process for a single service to multiple frame-aligned video streams for adaptive bit rate delivery to multi-screen devices.
  4. Linear Transcoding
    Well it supports transcoding up to 36 HD or 90 SD programs to or from MPEG-2, MPEG-4 and HEVC which is one of the applications.
  5. Account & Integration- TelergyHD provides a simple API for high-quality, fast & scalable video encoding.
  6. Transcoding is Globally distributed
  7. Platform & Security-
    With transcoding, the platform and security supports over 99.9% encoding success rate, automatic scaling, unlimited scalability & a lot more.

The another most popular definition of transcoder refers to Mware Solutions who is a partner of TelergyHD which supports 100% online multi-screen that has unlimited scalability also. TelergyHD has ample reasons where the original data/file is decoded to an intermediate uncompressed format, which is then encoded into the target format.
Users can stream processing options like PI and Programming filter and remap, Stripping null padding and jitter correction.
TelergyHD supports cloud-based audio encoding and cloud-based video product suit that is adequate for providing optimal solutions as well.
If you need any assistance in transcoding process, then feel free to contact us. Our experts are available 24/7 for help and support.